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Daughter From Danang
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Review Quotes

"Quite simply one of the best and most profound documentaries I have seen in years.…splendid!"
John Petrakis
Chicago Tribune

"This year's finest documentary. Miss it at your peril!"
Mike D'Angelo
Time Out NY

"Its power comes from a soul’s-eye view of how well-meaning patronizing masked a social injustice."
Elvis Mitchell
The New York Times

"Startling! A jaw-dropping assault on cultural stereotypes. "
Glenn Lovell
San Jose Mercury News

"Intelligent, well-observed, ineffably poignant."
Joe Lyden

"'Daughter From Danang' is that rare documentary that incorporates so much of human experience – drama, conflict, tears and surprise – that it transcends the normal divisions between fiction and non fiction film.” "
Edward Guthmann
San Francisco Chronicle

"Fascinating! Beats anything on 'The Sopranos' for riveting family drama."
Karen Durbin
New York Times

"Stirring and moving..... eloquent....a complex portrait, etched with intelligence and framed with respect."
Duane Byrge
Hollywood Reporter

"Whatever heartwarming scene the impressively discreet filmmakers may have expected to record with their mini DV, they show a remarkable ability to document both sides of this emotional car-wreck."
J. Hoberman
Village Voice

"A gripping drama."
Ken Fox
Tv Guide's Movie Guide

"A moving and stark reminder that the casualties of war reach much further than we imagine."
Chris Gore
Film Threat

"The socio-histo-political treatise is told in earnest strides... [and] personal illusion is deconstructed with poignancy."
Jon Lap
Apollo Guide

"The filmmakers craftily intuit the emotional high points of the mother-daughter reunion."
Nigam Nuggehalli

© 2002, Daughter From Danang

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